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27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020

July 19 to 23, 2020 | Pier Maua
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Blumar Congresses and Events is the official agency for the 27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020. As the official agency, we are best able to negotiate with hotels and airlines to arrange the best accommodation and flight ticket rates. Enjoy the convenience of our hotel and flight price comparison tools, and be sure that we are in the best position to organise your participation in the 27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020.

With more than 30 years of experience in the corporate event market, for your convenience Blumar also offers transfers and local city tours, as well as pre and post congress tours.
For clients going to (the) 27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020, Blumar Congresses and Events offers a wide variety of tours that the event participants can do during their stay in the events city. Make your choice, book with the events official agency and make the most of your trip.
UIA 2020 Full Day Fazenda Tres Saltos and Fazenda Vargem Grande

UIA 2020 Full Day Fazenda Tres Saltos and Fazenda Vargem Grande
Fazenda Tres Saltos is a privately owned farm. The house was built in the early 1800s and the farm once was a major producer of coffee during the coffee cycle in Brazil. It has belonged to many owners and in 1980 Burle Marx designed the landscape project that currently surrounds the main house.

Transfer to Fazenda Vargem Grande for lunch and visit.

This is an old coffee farm that was built in 1837 during the "Coffee Cycle". The owners at that time became known as the "Coffee Barons". In 1973 the current owners bought the farm. The main house was restored and a new one was built following the same colonial style. Burle Marx was called to turn the former coffee fields into a garden. It took him and his team many years to complete the work.

The sketches of this farm were featured in the Burle Marx exhibit at The Jewish Museum. 

*Accompanied by a Burle Marx Specialist

Travel time: approximately 3hs each way 


UIA 2020 African Heritage Tour

UIA 2020 African Heritage Tour
This tour traces the footsteps of Afro-Brazilian culture in Rio, from the first arrival of the enslaved Africans to the inseparable image of Rio and Carnival. 

Depart the hotel towards Praça XV, the original port of Rio, from the foundation up to 1811, when the arrival of slaves was transferred to Cais (docks) do Valongo, in a, then, remote area of the city, away from society’s eyes. At Praça XV, in the Royal Palace, Princess Isabel signed end of slavery in 1888. Through Cais do Valongo, passed over 2 million Africans, the majority from Congo and Angola. 

Continue walking to the newly restored Jardins (gardens) do Valongo, a 1906 attempt to erase the past during the Pereira Passos era of transforming Rio into a cosmopolitan Capital. From here you can see the old Largo do Depósito, where the actual commerce took place. Climb the Conceição Hill from where you will have a breathtaking view of downtown and Favela da Providencia, the first of Rio. 
Descending on the opposite side we will get a glimpse of Guanabara Bay and the area once known as Little Africa, arriving at Pedra do Sal. Here, freed and slaved Africans gathered to work, rest, sing, dance, and celebrate their culture. It is here that many years later samba gained its first tunes. This rhythm became a symbol of Rio and Brazil, to a point that in 1984 Sambadrome was built, an arena dedicated to the Carnival Parade, “The Temple of Samba”, our last stop on this tour. 

Obs.: Some walking up and down hill is involded, about 600m. Wear comfortable closed walking shoes. 

Duration : 4 Hours


Pre & Post Tours RIO DE JANEIRO
Blumar Congresses and Events, the official agency for (the) 27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020, has selected a wide range of pre & post tours to the main cities in Brazil that event participants can book to do before or after the event. Make your choice and enjoy the security of booking with a company that has over 30 years of experience in events and tourism.
Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas, which is located in the northern region of Brazil and is the biggest state in the country.  One of the biggest attractions of Manaus is exactly that: its geographic location; the city built in the Amazon jungle.  Travelers will have exclusive access to areas preserved for hotels situated in the jungle, but remain just a few kilometers from the city.  Furthermore, boats leave from Manaus for Rio Negro and its black waters, as well as for Rio Solimões with its crystalline waters.  The two rivers sit side by side, yet their waters never mix.

Package includes:
Private Transfer in with guide
01 overnight at Hotel Tropical Manaus 
Amazon Ecopark package - 03 Days/02 Nights includes:

3 Days/2 Nights w/ Meeting of the Waters - Transfers and excursions on a shared basis. Activities do not necessarily follow this order and the arrangements of the tours may be changed by the lodge on arrival.
Day 1 - Reception upon arrival at the airport or hotel. Transfer to Amazon Ecopark with English speaking guide. After accommodation, you will visit the Monkey Forest. The duration of the tour of the center will be about 40 minutes to 1 hour. After lunch, visit to a native's house. You will depart from the lodge on a boat or motorized canoe. After visiting the native’s house some fishing may be done. Return to the lodge for dinner.
Important note: regular transfer from airport departs between 6:00am and 5:00pm :: from hotels departs between 8:30am and 1:30pm
Day 2 - After breakfast, you will depart for a tour of Meeting of the Waters , the spectacular merge of Negro and Solimões Rivers. The phenomenon happens due to differences in temperature, density and speed of the waters of the rivers.  Depending on the level of the waters, a visit to a typical \" caboclo \" (local inhabitants) villa will be included  during this full day tour. This visit will happen prior or after lunch, which is not included. Return to the lodge for dinner and then a night tour in canoe, with the possibility to spot small alligators (or other nightly creatures).
Day 3 - After breakfast, you will go on a nature hike. During the tour, the guide will  lead and educate  you about the local flora/fauna, how and where to find edible fruits and potable water, first aid, how to find their way in the forest and much more. Check-out and transfer to Manau’s airport

Price for 02 persons in double room -  R$ 4.616,00*
Price for 01 person in single room -  R$ 2.988,00*

* The prices above are subject to change
Inhotim is a complex that gathers contemporary art, environment, and research & education initiatives. A wide area with several movements in cultural and environment areas.
The tour takes 6 hours and visits the main artworks and galleries of the complex, as “Adriana Varejão, Cosmococa, Marcenaria, Lago, Cildo Meireles” and others.

Package includes:
Private transfer in - Airport - Hotel
Private Tour Full day to Inhotim with lunch - Except on Mondays
Private Transfer out - Hotel - Airport
02 overnights at Hotel Holiday Inn or similar - Standard room with breakfast included
Price for 02 people in double room - R$ 3.40700*
Price for 01 person in single room - R$ 2.934,00*

* The prices above are subject to change


Enjoy the convenience of the transfer options offered by Blumar Congresses and Events, the official agency for (the) 27th World Congress of Architects - uia2020. Book your transport to the hotel, venue or airport right now. We accept group or individual bookings.